The health of our children matters a lot to us

One of our priorities, which we are rightfully proud of, is production of ham for children. It is not a coincidence that we use the slogan from the headline, because the LE & CO company really cares about offering the best quality possible to the youngest of us.

In the autumn of 2005 we were the first producer of ham and meat delicacies that managed to produce a pork ham, which is, unlike other hams, thanks to its composition more suitable for children over 3 years of age, which we had verified by Ministries of Agriculture and Health, which confirmed its harmlessness and suitability for this age group. In order to truly differentiate the LE & CO ham for children from commonly available products, a verified additive supplier developed a special mixture for its production, where an absolutely minimal and essential amount of „E" additives is used.

After its launch, it quickly gained an extraordinary attention of the general public, which was probably the main reason why a whole range of more or less successful imitations appeared. We even encountered a product of identical shape, in the same package with a completely common ham and even with allergens.

Over the years, our first pork ham for children was also accompanied by a turkey, a prime quality pork and a prime quality chicken ham.

Even after the years, exceptionality and popularity of the LE & CO ham for children underscores the fact that it is an original in its own right, regarding the composition, quality, as well as taste.

Gluten-free and completely allergen-free LE & CO hams for children of course are not intended only for children, but they are also suitable for those who are dieting and for all those who take heed of healthy life style.

They do not hide any unpleasant surprise. Low number of „E" additives, low amount of salt (and only sea salt) and high proportion of quality meat makes them the top of their market.