I know what I eat

Vím, co jímOne of the basic guidelines in choosing food should be their nutritional value – that is, what does the food contain and what its constituents bring to our organism. It is rather complicated to be knowledgeable in nutritional information, therefore an initiative I know what I eat was established, where the nutritional values are examined by experts. The logo clearly guarantees that the product has undergone a professional assessment focused on selected nutrients, whose excessive consumption can contribute to the development of civilization diseases and that the food is nutritionally valuable and suitable for a healthy lifestyle. It will make your choice of food easier, without having to study the information on the packaging in detail.

You can rest assured that a product with this logo contains no or very minimal amount of:

  • saturated fatty acids
  • trans fatty acids
  • salt, or rather sodium
  • added carbohydrates (sugars)


Logo I know what I eat was awarded for the following products of LE & CO company: