Company profile

Company LE & CO – Ing. Jiří Lenc, Ltd. is currently one of the most important producers of ham and meat specialties on the Czech market. Thanks to continual development, investments into modernization of production, flexible reaction to market requirements and maximal emphasis on quality, taste and image of our products, the brand LE & CO is perceived as successful, stable and trustworthy and they have been favourite products among consumers for a long time. High quality of production, system of food hygiene and safety standards are guaranteed besides other things by certifications according to international food processing standards ISO 9001, FSSC 22.000, IFS and HACCP. One of the key pieces of information for final consumers, as well as for our business partners is certainly the fact that all LE & CO products are naturally gluten‑free, produced in a completely allergen-free operation.

Our constantly growing range of sliced products as well as so called bulk packages for over‑the‑counter sale consists of traditional, tried and tested products, as well as novelties, especially from the category of prime quality hams. It is the production of these highest quality hams what is one of the priorities of the company LE & CO. A separate and no less important chapter is our production of Ham for children, which once used to be the sole product of this type among the competitors, and which enjoys long standing popularity with customers. Characteristic, checkered appearance of slice LE & CO products as well as our series of products intended for over‑the­‑counter sale stands out among the competitors and together with balanced taste and high quality processing makes many of them the top of the market in their category.

Company LE & CO has been part of the entrepreneurial environment in the Czech Republic for almost 25 years. As a family business it was founded by Mr. Ing. Jiří Lenc in 1990 and after successful overcoming numerous initial pitfalls and obstacles he managed to build a strong and prosperous company, with the help of his extended family and a close collective of his cooperators and friends. His unflagging drive and effort resulted in establishing and finishing a new modern factory site in Jirny near Prague in 2007, which meant a fundamental milestone in the history of the company and a possibility of further development which lasts until now.